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The System


When wearing Hair Extensions or / Weaves or Add'l Hair to your Head, I highly Recommend these three things to Consider. the COLOR, LENGHT AND Texture.!!!  All the rest is just Styling the hair.

My Personal preference is the Clip Ins.   And here is why ...... ((Click here))

you can also remove the clips and do a sew-in.  win win win


Clip-Ins : Elimate the need of those Head Wraps, that Our man ALWAYS Complaine's   about that we do Not wear!


                Eliminates the Fear of  Children's Hair.


                Eliminate the Fear of getting In the Water


                ELIMINATES THE WHAT After? when cuddling with your Man


Builds self Esteem with out the harsh treatments that are placed on Models and Entertainers Hair. I recommend that you take them out and comb and groom  your hair and put them right back in.Then Wrap hair as usual before going to bed. or leave out untill morning.

I'M Not Inventing a new wheel, but Making the Wheel run faster. lol  All I'm saying is: Start Your Own Hair System. Need Ideas on how to start??? click here.....


I been in the Hair business for over 50 years and I find that the Average Women is LaZY with their hair. And the older I've gotten I too has become even More lazier!!! so I depends on my Hair System! to help me out. Like, at a Spit min sec Notice! 

I've got it down to a science. EX: What do you do if the door bell rings? What's the fastest way to Style your hair? Remember you've sec's or maybe a min or two?

Answer: pull back in a rubber band, slap on a bun or a braid and your cute-is-on! Gurl! or depends who it is. Some people love you for you. Hair standing all over your messy-head. And thats ok.


But iF YOU Develop a Hair System of your own, You will be delighted and Ready for any situation that can accrue, and in the long run SAVE Money! Billions of dollars are being made because of Laziness. I Heard the Stylist say to one another " Why charge $50 for a Weave when you can get a $300. Hair Extensions!  (Both are the same aren't they?)


My System can help Any Stylist Be Ready with Hair, And for the mother's or Fathers that don't know what to do with Daughter's Beautiful Kinky curly  Coarse Hair?

This is My way of giving back. My System is nothing new, Its just organize your Hair Styles, Just as you would your Shoes!


Again Clip Ins Hair are safe when learned right how to use the Clips and will stay until removed. i confesses I have left them in for 7 days and when sewed in for up to 3 months( depends on your hair growth} But I'm one of these chicks that like to comb and scratch my head. Got to feel the scalp. In 10 mins I can remove, comb and scratch my head, quick blow dry and put them back In, Styled and ready to go. I'm one of those chicks that cant sit in a chair for hours.


I know this System is not for everyone. Because my System is  hand made. I can only produce one at a time. But request can be made. Just email your request to


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